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Vento - Smart Power Blender

Power Blender Vento

Smart Power Blender
colour Black - finish Plain

Vento is the ideal Smart power blender to assist you in any kitchen preparation, even the most complicated. Certified for professional use, it is equipped with an ultra-powerful Brushless DC motor, which reaches 4.27 peak HP, generating 57% more torque than conventional AC motor power blenders. It runs quietly and maintains perfect control at all speeds, even the lowest, without any drop in performance. Vento's motor is guaranteed for 20 years of domestic use and three years of professional use. Equipped with seven preset functions and 60 ultra-precision speeds, the Vento power blender enables you to prepare dishes with the perfect consistency.

The Smart Power Blender!
Certified for professional use, thanks to DC Brushless motor, ultrapowerful and unstoppable, it can work even with the most difficoult mixtures and maintain the set speed when under strain, without losing in performance: a peak power of 4.27 HP, 50% more torque of the motor compared with traditional AC motor power blenders . Vento is the only one among power blenders to work starting from 400 RPM. This makes it extremely versatile and preparations have an impeccable consistence: it kneads, prepares sorbet and smoothies, hot soups and more, respecting nutritional. It is also perfect for raw vegan, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes.
Equipped with the B Safety System, unique in its category, which automatically turns the blender off when the lid is opened or the jar removed from the base. (Conforms to international standard IEC 60335-2-64 for commercial household appliances).
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Technical information :
230-240 Volt / 50-60 Hertz - 1000 Watt - DC Brushless motor - Peak Power Motor 4,27 hp - 60 speeds - 7 preset programs – Pulse function - B Chef function - Tritan BPA Free Jar: 2 lt- 67 onzs - B Safety System - 20 years motor warranty - Equipped with: recipebook, spatule, thermometer stirrer stick, filler cup - Ø 25 x h 51 cm - Available versions: Europe

Electrical plug : CE/CB EUROPE - 220/240V SHUKO PLUG

  • Designer : ANDREAS SEEGATZ
  • Measurements : ø25X51
  • Material : ABS
  • Code : 18-VENTON
  • EAN: 8020178923163
  • Finish: Plain
    Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance : Read the instruction manual carefully before the first use. It includes "Cleaning & Maintenance" advices.
  • Price: €1,500.00

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The Vento high power blender has been developed in collaboration with a team of experienced chefs who have tested its functionality.

Chef Carlo Bresciani – Acting Chairman of the Italian Federation of Chefs (F.I.C.)

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The Vento high power blender is unstoppable even with the most difficult mixtures; it maintains perfect control at all speeds and enables you to prepare dishes and drinks with impeccable consistency.

Equipped with an ultra-powerful innovative Smart DC Brushless motor capable of 4.27 HP peak and 57% more torque than traditional AC motor power blenders, it maintains the set speed even when charging, without loss of performance.

Vento is the only high power blender to operate from as low as 400 rpm and maintains performance at all speeds. This makes it even more versatile: it can knead at low speeds and prepare ice creams, hot soups and smoothies at the highest speeds. It is also ideal for vegan, raw and gluten-free recipes.

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The Vento high power blender is easy to use and offers creative freedom to novices, experienced cooks and chefs alike. With seven pre-set functions that can be activated via the touch display, 60 different high-precision speeds for a large number of recipes and the B Chef function, which automatically adjusts speed and time, revolutionising work in the kitchen.

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Vento Frullatore di potenza Bugatti B Chef App
Frullatore di potenza Vento Bugatti 1960 x 400


Compared to conventional power blenders with an AC motor and with the same performance, Vento's DC Brushless motor, with a rated power of 1000 Watts, consumes 33% less energy. Thanks to its quiet operation, Vento is also the perfect solution for restaurants, bars and clubs. Its motor's noise level is 10 to 12 dB lower than that of conventional power blenders.

**Vento vs traditional power blender with AC motor – readings taken and comparisons performed with empty jug.

Frullatore di potenza Vento Bugatti 960 x 1100


Patented by Bugatti, the B Blade assembly is designed to offer maximum performance and durability. Made with a special hardened steel alloy, the blades have the perfect sharpness for any meal preparation. 

Vento's motor is guaranteed for 20 years of domestic use and 3 years of professional use*.
It is equipped with the B Safety System, unique in its category, which ensures that the blender switches off automatically when the lid is opened or the jug is lifted. (Compliant to international standard IEC 60335-2-64 for commercial appliances). 

*Consult the warranty to view terms and conditions


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