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History & Milestones

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A history made of stories since 1923.

From professional workshop making nickel-silver and silver-plated brass cutlery to pioneering creator of the revolutionary Bugatti alloy to contemporary kitchenware brand, Bugatti - originally named F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio as a homage to the father of the five brothers who founded it - has never ceased to evolve.

Always nourished by the strong family bond behind it and its deep roots with the territory of Lumezzane (Brescia), the all-Italian company has continued to master innovation in the realms of design, aesthetics and technology, with the goal of infusing its heritage and rich spirit to everyday objects, creating a colourful and surprising lifestyle 
made of stories worth telling and sharing.


History highlights



The workshop F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio is born in the Italian town of Lumezzane (Brescia), founded by the five brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio.


The company is the first in Italy to introduce the Polak pressure die-casting machine for the manufacture of cutlery and to create the brass-silicon alloy, still known today as the Bugatti alloy.

 Locandina La San Marco Lumezzane




The Eredi F.lli Bugatti is founded and the family’s second generation takes over the company.


The Eredi f.lli Bugatti evolves into the La San Marco and launches the La San Marco cutlery model that will grow to be nationally-renowned.


The La San Marco expands beyond European borders, officially entering the US market.

Primo modello di posate Bugatti locandina 

Produzione posate colorate Bugatti storia


The La San Marco changes its name to ILCAR (Industria Lumezzanese Creazioni Articoli Regalo), that stands for Gift Creation company in Lumezzane. 


The La San Marco S.a.p.a. group is born and integrates three other companies alongside ILCAR,  Aignep (Automation Fluidtechnology solutions), Landa Illuminotecnica (Outdoor Lighting) and Picchi (Transfer Machine and CNC Machining Centers).



The BUGATTI® trademark is launched, becoming popular worldwide.


Bugatti breaks into the market with its first small kitchen appliance, the Diva espresso coffee machine designed by Andreas Seegatz, and then goes on to create a variety of products declaring its unique trademark design and cutting-edge DNA.

Diva macchina del caffè Bugatti 960 x 1200.jpg


Idroimpianti was born. It consists of a hydroelectric power station as well as several photovoltaic systems.

Aziende del gruppo Bugatti_Sito_960_700_Idroimpianti.jpg


The centennial as a milestone for the Bugatti family and for the Group, who have roots in the past, are living in the present and are projected into the future!



Milestones & Design Awards


Bugatti breaks into the market with its first kitchen appliance, the Diva espresso coffee machine designed by Andreas Seegatz. A novelty that will define the brand’s future growth in the sector, followed by numerous products with an original design and a highly innovative character.

Macchina del caffè Diva Evolution Bugatti_sito_2800 x 2800_1.jpg


The company poses itself as an innovation driver by introducing the concept of “Sharing Experience”, a series of experimental projects with an avant-garde soul based on sharing ideas and results. Among these, GlassTechHot - a project born based on the need to experiment with alternative materials and processes, leads to the creation of high-strength transparent glass-ceramic heating elements with a special integrated semiconductor capable of reaching 450°C.

The kettle Vera is awarded the “Best Look 2011 - Home Style Award” at the Interior Lifestyle China fair held in Shanghai.

Vera Bollitore elettrico due punti di vista 960 x 960.jpg


Noun, the revolutionary Bugatti smart cooking appliance, receives the “Honorable Mention Compasso d'Oro International Award 2015” by ADI (Associazione Design Industriale) and is included in the prestigious Design for Food and Nutrition volume. 
Noun also gains the “Innovation SMART Label 2015”, the award promoted by Host-Fiera Milano and, Milan’s Politecnico syndicate, dedicated to products with particularly innovative characteristics and skills that permit the clearing of consolidated trends into their reference sectors.

Sistema di cottura Smart Noun di Bugatti con premi 960 x 960.jpg


Bugatti presents the smart power blender Vento designed by Andreas Seegatz as well as the IoT-based Bugatti B Chef App that guarantees Chef-like recipes.

The Bugatti kitchenware appliances are awarded the prize for “Best Product” at the 2015 Seoul Living Design Fair.

Vento Frullatore di potenza con B Chef App 960 x 960 (5).jpg


The Vela Evolution blender is awarded the prize for “Best Product” at the 2016 Seoul Living Design Fair.

Frullatore Bugatti Vela Evolution_sito_2800 x 2800_2.jpg


The kettle Jacqueline achieves a series of important recognitions for its ingeniously smart DNA and design style: the “Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2019”, the “BORN Award” in the Technology category in Italy, the “Best New Product Award” at the New York fair NY NOW dedicated to the most innovative items in the Home, Lifestyle and Handmade categories.

Jacqueline Bollitore elettrico smart Bugatti con premi 960 x 960 (5).jpg


Giulietta is born: the new kettle with a spherical and unexpected shape. A product designed by Andreas Seegatz, expression of a unique and refined daily experiential design.


The iconic kettle by Casa Bugatti wins the "Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2023".



Romeo is born: the new toaster with an iconic and elliptical shape.
A product designed by Andreas Seegatz, expression of a unique story of love and design.


Bugatti is awarded for the second year in a row as an international brand of excellence.
The iconic toaster by Casa Bugatti wins the
"Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2024".




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Virgilio bugatti

Virgilio Bugatti designer pagina chi siamo.jpg


Designer Andreas Seegatz Stars Milano pagina Chi siamo.jpg