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Bugatti, the personality and the values

Our mission

we take care of the convivial environment and of the emotions of those who live it.
  we transform a place to stay into a magical experience where to dream.

A big personality with an avant-garde twist.

Bugatti designs and manufactures contemporary cutlery collections, table and kitchenware, thermal bottles and small but highly innovative kitchen appliances with a smart soul. In creating objects with an originally sophisticated style accompanied by a functional essence, the brand combines aesthetic research and technology with a distinguishing touch of Italianness, narrating a forward-facing philosophy that naturally embodies authentic territorial traditions.

B Bottles e Jackie il bollitore elettrico nero opaco 960 x 960

OVer the years...

The strong family heritage and a boundless vision have enabled Bugatti to grow and evolve over time, transforming all of its creations into modern-day style statements with surprising shapes and finishes. A process reflecting the land’s historic craftsmanship as well a current ideal of togetherness and everyday experiences yet to be made.

A conscious wish and commitment by Bugatti to keep bringing uniqueness to our daily lives as it looks to a more sustainable future along the way.

Today Bugatti is present in over 100 countries, in the most prestigious and renowned department stores in the world.

Posate acciaio inox 18:10 decorate Bugatti Devore Riviera_sito_2800 x 2800_14.jpg

Our brand philosophy:
Unexpected Everyday!

Bugatti was born back in 1923, fuelled by a bold and original ideal, the one that still empowers it and pushes it to go beyond with every creation: the will to Soul-Prise. In elevating the simple rituals of everyday life with warmth, magic and marvel, Bugatti wishes to enrich the daily habits we carry out in our domestic ambiences, making them more intimate and connecting with our deepest desires by evoking a precious and emotional voyage through beauty and design. 

Jacqueline il bollitore elettrico Bugatti nero opaco acceso 1920 x 768.jpg

As a gift we all deserve to discover and live fully, Bugatti’s Unexpected Everyday philosophy is a stylish reminder that it’s the little big things that move us every dayand gives us the possibility to live meaningful experiences in ways that are extra real, warm… and soul-prisingly unique!

Posate colorate decorate Bugatti_Sito_2800 x 2800_50.png

Piccoli elettrodomestici_sito_1000 x 1500_8.png

Our creative and technical know-how.

All Bugatti collections explore the concept of beauty, also incorporating the necessary functional spirit that an everyday house object requires. The cutlery designs are conceived through an attentive analysis of our natural gestures, in order to deliver an authentically seamless and pleasant mealing experience.

Posate acciaio Vidal_Bugatti_sito_2800 x 28008.png

1. prongs

Designed as a natural extension of the hand

Posate acciaio inox 18:10 Bugatti Vidal_sito_2800 x 2800_7.jpg

2. balance

Meticulously-pointed prongs to pick up food easily

Posate acciaio inox 18:10 Bugatti Vidal_sito_2800 x 2800_6.jpg

3. cut

Blades sharpened to perfection for effortless cutting

Posate acciaio Vidal_Bugatti_sito_2800 x 28009.png

4. grip

Ergonomic handles for firm gripping and optimal comfort

The small kitchen appliances, on the other hand, reveal the brand’s distinctive and innovative essence, combining the concept of curated design with top technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) used in the Bugatti B Chef App and GTH (Glass Tech Hot Semiconductor Technology) used in Noun, the revolutionary smart cooking appliance. Overall, the final expression of every single Bugatti piece reinterprets Italian style anew, with a fresh but memorable appeal that merges a contemporary aesthetic vision and superior engineering expertise. Jacqueline Bollitore elettrico smart Bugatti con premi 960 x 960 (5).jpg