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Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android ™
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Do you want to get a taste of great satisfaction?
There's a master in the kitchen with you.

The Bugatti BChef app follows you step by step, so that preparing even the most complex dishes becomes super easy.
A source of countless recipes and full of ideas.

You can select recipes by occasion, type of meal, diet (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, raw, low fat and many more) and by ingredient. You can decide to add to the list of recipes by submitting one of your own recipes to Chef Bugatti, saving or writing your favourite recipes.

Discover BChef Recipes
A new way of cooking.

Simple and intuitive, the BChef Application lets you cook with the results of an authentic chef and organise your preparations efficiently.
With the BChef function you can choose to be guided through the preparation, guaranteeing perfect execution of the recipes and an impeccable result.

Through a simple touch.

The B Chef function follows you step by step and adjusts the main functions of new Bugatti devices for you, namely the speed and time of VENTO, the power blender, and the temperature and time of NOUN, the revolutionary Bugatti smart cooking appliance.
You can also prepare more than one recipe at a time, associating multiple appliances to the application.

* B Chef Function works using Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Low Energy with Bugatti's Vento and Noun.

Choose the best for you.

With BChef you can select recipes by type of diet: raw, vegan, vegetaria, gluten free and many more, and also supplies the nutritional values of the foods.

Share your favourite dishes.

With B Chef your can save or write your favourite recipes, share them on social networks and with the Bugatti community, send them by e-mail, invite friends for dinner, plan and share the shopping list and much more.

A step by step
and Converter
Save the recipe
and share it
Add to your shopping
Compatible devices with the B Chef function
(frmo 3rd Gen., Air and Mini)
(4S and newest)
iPod Touch
Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode Low Energy