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The Bugatti Group

Bugatti is part of the Bugatti Group - La San Marco S.a.p.a. - , an ensemble of companies  with an international touch that operate in different production sectors: Aignep, Landa Illuminotecnica, Picchi, the hydroelectric and solar-powered plant Idroimpianti.

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From 1923, the characteristic passion and dedication of the Bugatti family have nourished a research, experimentation and innovation-oriented attitude, giving birth to a group founded on solid expertise and a development-driven vision in a constantly changing world, with a strong focus on environmental issues and sustainability.

36.94% renewable power used.

1,699,304.69 KWH green power produced yearly by hydroelectric and photovoltaic solar panel power plants. 

805,470.42 KG yearly co2 avoided emissions.



A philosophy that has consequently pushed the Bugatti Group towards new manufacturing scenarios, leading it to generate up to 36.94% of power from renewable sources with the aim of reaching as much as 60% by 2025.


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Since 1923 Bugatti has been making cutlery, small appliances and tableware and kitchenware. Thanks to collaborations with designers and designers, it produces small and large jewels, aimed at surprising and enriching habits and living environments, bringing an unexpected touch and wonder into people's daily lives.

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Aignep was born in 1976 in Bione (Brescia). 

Today the company is active in the “Automation Fluid Technology” sector, providing
solutions for fluid technology such as: fittings, quick couplings, automations, “Fluidity” 
for fluid control, “Infinity” for compressed air distribution as well as customized solutions 
in partnership with its customers.

A truly consolidated company, Aignep is now present 
with 10 branches worldwide and through exclusive distributors in 102 countries.

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Landa has been on the lighting market since 1987, establishing itself as an outdoor 
lighting specialist for the residential sector with a global distribution.
A highly competent design team captivates current and future market trends, also
creating client-customized solutions.

All production occurs in the main HQ at Lumezzane (Brescia).

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Picchi was founded in 1958 and has grown to become one of the most traditional Italian 
companies in the manufacturing of Transfer Machines and CNC Machining Centers. 

It manufactures machine tools and special machines with high-productivity requirements 
and low operating costs, responding to the needs of customers coming from different sectors.

As the technical and technological advisor of the Group, Picchi is a window into the future for all the other companies, enabling each one to request and elaborate an extra-specialized and advanced vision of their individual productive necessities.

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Idroimpianti is based in Italy and comprises a hydroelectric power station as well as several photovoltaic systems. Born in 2018 as a concrete response to the Group’s desire to operate in a more sustainable way, it aims to generate as much as 60% of consumption power autonomously by 2025.

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