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Small Kitchen Appliances

Much more than
meets the eye.

Home is our safe place, that welcomes and protects us, but it is also our canvas, on which we can paint and convey our style and personality. We furnish and decorate every room to make our home functional and cosy, but also pleasing to the eye. 

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A unique home, 
just like you.

Bugatti small kitchen appliances are created to help you furnish your home with style and elegance. They represent a series of tools and accessories for your kitchen and home environment, designed to accompany you in your daily routine, throughout your day. Their sophisticated and attractive design, combined with technological innovation and high performance, makes them truly unique

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Designed to make you fall in love at first sight.

We have involved several designers during the design and production process of these home appliances to ensure that each product in the range has a unique and engaging design, which will win over both you and your guests at first sight.


The functionality you're looking for,
and so much more.

The range of home appliances includes a wealth of products to accompany you in style throughout your day.
From breakfast to brunch, to start your day or during your break:

Macchina del caffè Diva Evolution Bugatti_sito_2800 x 2800_1.jpg

With the Diva  and Diva Evolution coffee machines, you can prepare a barista-worthy espresso.

Tostapane Volo Bugatti Rose Gold 960 x 960.jpg

With the Volo toaster, you can make your own snack or warm up your brioche.

Piccoli elettrodomestici spremiagrumi Vita Bugatti 960 x 960.jpg

With the Vita citrus juicer, you can prepare an energy-rich juice in just a few steps.


With the Vela Evolution blender, you can enjoy a healthy smoothie.

Uma - sito - 960 x 960.jpg

With the Uma digital scale, you can precisely weigh and prepare your ingredients. 


Finally, Bugatti's range of small domestic appliances also includes a wide range of electric kettles, such as Vera, Vera Easy, Jacqueline, Jackie and Giulietta, so you can enjoy your favourite teas and infusions in style at any time of day.

Vera Easy bollitore elettrico Bugatti_960 x 960.png
Bollitore elettrico Jacqueline Bugatti 1920 x 1200.jpg

Vento il frullatore di potenza professionale Bugatti_960 x 1200_formattata.png


The range of small appliances also includes products designed for professionals, such as Vento and Vento Professional,
and tools with an extraordinary spirit, such as Noun, Bugatti's smart cooking system. 

Sistema di cottura smart Noun Bugatti 960 x 450


Each person is different and unique in their own way, in terms of personality, vivaciousness and taste. That's why we've made our small kitchen appliances available in a wide range of colours and finishes, to suit every room and best match your style.

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For those who want to be simply unique.

Come and discover Bugatti's series of Individual household appliances, characterised by precious materials and unique finishes that make your products even more special and exclusive than they already are. Stand out from the crowd and amaze your guests.

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