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Diva - Espresso coffee machine

Coffee machines Diva

Espresso coffee machine
colour Steel - finish Plain

The professional-performing domestic espresso coffee machine. With its iconic V shape, Diva enables you to prepare espresso and cappuccinos just like at the coffee shop.

Enjoy the real taste of espresso coffee, authentically prepared at home. Whether you use ground coffee or coffee pods, whether you want cappuccino or latte macchiato, the innovative technique allows you to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it.

Technical information :
volt 220-240 - 50 Hz - watt 950 - electric vibration pump: 15 atm - tank: 0,8 l

Electrical plug : CE/CB EUROPE - 220/240V SHUKO PLUG

  • Designer : ANDREAS SEEGATZ
  • Measurements : ø24X36,9
  • Material : Stainless steel 18/10 , Aluminium
  • Code : 15-DIVACR
  • EAN: 8020178695510
  • Finish: Plain
    Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance : Read the instruction manual carefully before the first use. It includes "Cleaning & Maintenance" advices.
  • Price: €1,280.00

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"I can give up everything,
but leave me my coffee"

Coffee is a tradition that we Italians uniquely cherish. It's more than just a drink. It's a familiar gesture, a daily ritual, a moment to be relished through and through. With coffee, we start our day and break it too. Coffee is a magical moment, both to gather with others and reconnect with one's self. This is why being able to recreate the authentic coffee ritual at home is one of life's pleasures.

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A Diva in the kitchen.

Diva is espresso coffee machine technology at its best. Diva's iconic "V" shape, sleek and dynamic, will stimulate the curiosity and interest of every visitor to your kitchen. Its elegance is also revealed in the use of materials: the body is made of die-cast aluminium and the boiler of brass, just like professional Italian espresso coffee machines. Diva has a vibrant character; with its multiple colour options you can uniquely express your personal style. 

Diva_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_formattata.png

The pleasure of espresso coffee,
even at home. 

We created the Diva espresso coffee machine to satisfy those who, like ourselves, want to enjoy their "barista-served" quality coffee or cappuccino at home. Indeed, the secret of a perfectly brewed espresso lies in the coffee machine itself. By controlling the three fundamental parameters of extraction time, temperature and water pressure, you will be able to prepare excellent coffees. With the steam function, you can also make hot cappuccinos and brew tea. Finally, you can warm the cups on the machine's upper shelf, just like at the coffee shop.

Macchina del caffè Diva Bugatti_sito_2800 x 2800_1.jpg

Diva can make coffee from pods and ground powder. 

Diva is compatible with both E.S.E. pods and coffee powder, so you can choose according to preference.

Diva_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_2_formattata.png

Traditions are really important to us.

Diva is produced and assembled in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia. And it is also in Lumezzane that all quality checks are carried out on each coffee machine before it reaches you.

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