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Diva Evolution - Evolution coffee machine

Coffee machines Diva Evolution

Evolution coffee machine
colour Red - finish Plain

An uncompromising espresso coffee machine. With Diva Evolution you can offer your guests coffee and cappuccinos in rapid sequence without delays, with coffee shop quality.

Non-Stop Cappuccino!
Diva evolution: no more waiting to enjoy perfect-tasting cappuccinos and coffees!
At long last, you can prepare and serve coffees and cappuccinos non-stop at work, or at home with friends, just like at the coffee-shop. In a single gesture, coffees, cappuccinos, lattes, teas and herbal teas are ready immediately.
It can be used with coffee-pods or powder.

Technical information :
volt 220-240 - 50 Hz - watt 1700 - electric vibration pump: 15 atm - tank: 0,8 l

Electrical plug : CE/CB EUROPE - 220/240V SHUKO PLUG

  • Designer : ANDREAS SEEGATZ
  • Measurements : ø24X36,5
  • Material : Stainless steel 18/10 , Aluminium
  • Code : 15-EDIVAC3
  • EAN: 8020178906784
  • Finish: Plain
    Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance : Read the instruction manual carefully before the first use. It includes "Cleaning & Maintenance" advices.
  • Price: €1,300.00

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A coffee machine with no limits.

Coffee time after a meal is a must, at any time of day and regardless of the company. The situation is more complicated when you have several guests and you want to satisfy everyone's requests. That's why the Diva Evolution espresso coffee machine will be an essential player on your team: you can prepare coffee and cappuccinos and serve them all together.

Macchina del caffè Diva Evolution Bugatti_sito_2800 x 2800_5.jpg

Love at first sight.

Diva Evolution is Diva's older sister, but with an even higher calling. Diva Evolution's intriguing "V" shape, slender and dynamic, will ensure its star prominence in the eyes and admiration of your kitchen's visitors. The choice of materials also reflects meticulous attention to detail: the body is made of die-cast aluminium and the boiler of brass, just like professional machines. The Diva Evolution espresso coffee machine is eccentric and likes to be in the spotlight: it comes in various colours to suit every situation. 

Macchina del caffè Diva Evolution crea caffè e cappuccini deliziosi e senza pause

No more waiting between your coffees and cappuccinos.

Diva Evolution embodies the advancement of the traditional domestic coffee machine. Thanks to its thermoblock heat exchanger, with Diva Evolution you can prepare coffees, cappuccinos, lattés, teas and herbal teas for all your guests and serve them almost simultaneously, avoiding endless waits between servings.

Diva Evolution_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_3_formattata.png

For consistently excellent espresso coffee.

Coffee made by Diva Evolution will always be excellent, thanks to the control of three fundamental parameters: extraction time, temperature and water pressure. Finally, you can warm the cups on the machine's upper shelf, just like at the coffee shop.

Diva_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_2_formattata.png

Diva is compatible with pods
and coffee powder.

Diva Evolution is compatible with both E.S.E. compatible pods and coffee powder, so you can choose according to preference.

Diva_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_formattata.png

Traditions are really important to us.

Diva Evolution is produced and assembled in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia. And it is also in Lumezzane that all quality checks are carried out on each coffee machine before it reaches you.

Diva Evolution_Macchina del Caffè_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_produzione_formattata.png

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