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Pink - B Bottles LIGHT 530 ml

Single Wall Bottles Pink

B Bottles LIGHT 530 ml
colour Pink - finish Plain

B Bottles Light Pink is the compact and ultra-light reusable thermal water bottle that enables you to hydrate wherever you are. Ergonomically shaped for easy grip, it consists of a single wall in 18/10 stainless steel. Choose the format that satisfies your thirst.

B Bottles LIGHT 530 ml (17.921 US fl.oz.), pink.
Brushed lid.
Single wall bottles are ultra-light are made of 18/10 stainless steel. Ergonomic, compact and tapered for an easier grip, are easy to carry, for the perfect hydration.
The wide opening makes it easy to add ice cubes, facilitates cleaning,and is more comfortable for both filling and drinking.
All the materials used to produce B Bottles are completely safe, recyclable, BPA free, BPS free and phtalates free. B Bottles reflect our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, improving your well-beingand safeguarding the health of the planet.

Technical information :
530 ml (17.921 US fl.oz.)

  • Collection: Colours
  • Measurements : ø6,8XH19,6
  • Material : Stainless steel 18/10
  • Code : BBL-RU530IS
  • EAN: 8020178140072
  • Finish: Plain
    Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance : To clean the bottle body inside: fill with arm water, close the Lid, shake and pour the warm water out several times. For an internal deep wash use a soft bottle brush. Then rinse and wipe moisture out to dry.<br> To clean the bottle body outside: wash wi
  • Price: €23.90

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The benefits of water
with you at all times.

Whether in the gym, at the office or out and about in the city, it is invaluable to be able to hydrate yourself continuously – even more so if with your favourite beverage. The reusable stainless steel B Bottles Light will accompany you in your daily tasks: they are ultra-light, compact and in tune with your style. The B Bottles line represents Casa Bugatti's personal commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

B Bottles Light and Twin - Bugatti - 960 x 960.png

A compact and ergonomic shape,
with lots of style.

Designed by Clemente Bugatti, the B Bottles Light single-wall beverage water bottles are ultra-lightweight and made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel. The ergonomic, tapered and streamlined design makes them easy to grip, making the B Bottles Light ideal for carrying with you at all times. In addition, they come in a variety of versions, from coloured to themed, to best match your personality and lifestyle!

Borraccia termica Bugatti B Bottles Twin_sito_2800 x 2800_2.jpg

You won't even notice
you have it with you.

B Bottles Light stainless steel reusable water bottles are designed to be practical, comfortable and functional. They are compact, lightweight and come in 350 ml and 530 ml sizes. The large opening makes the flask easy to clean, refill and fill with ice cubes.

B Bottles Light_Bottiglie riutilizzabili_Bugatti_960 x 960_2_formattata10.png

The thermal water bottle that cares about you and the environment.

The choice of materials has been carefully considered down to the last detail. All B Bottles Light water bottles are made with safe, recyclable materials and are free of BPA, BPS and phthalates. And no plastic parts remain in continuous contact with the beverages. For us, B Bottles Light represent our personal commitment to reducing environmental impact. A sustainable, recyclable and quality choice to safeguard our planet and our health.

B Bottles Light reusable and sustainable bottles 960 x 960.png

B Bottles Light,
an everyday style accessory.

Discover the range of accessories dedicated to B Bottles Light. As well as carrying your drinks with you at all times, you can choose fashionable, sporty and practical items to make your experience with B Bottles Twin stylish and extremely fulfilling.

B Bottles Light Bugatti_sito_2800 x 2800_9.jpg


Available in many different colours, to better adapt to your style, you can customize your B Bottle Light with your name, an image or a logo of your creation.
Our team is at your complete disposal to enhance the style that distinguishes you.


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