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Born in Lumezzane in 1967, he is part of the fourth generation of the Bugatti family. To the technical background, he combines the long experience gained in the various company functions Today he is the CEO of Ilcar di Bugatti S.r.l. and R&D manager Passionate about off-road motorcycling, he took part in the Italian and European championships between 1981-1991, winning first place and twice second in the Italian championship. He led Ilcar in the various steps in the evolution of the company: from a manufacturer on behalf of third parties, to the launch of the Bugatti brand on the market, to diversification in the small household appliance with the Diva coffee machine and to follow all the other products. His also the idea of ??the revolutionary NOUN, the intelligent cooking system with innovative GTH Technology. Today signs the design of B Bottles bottles.

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