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Giulietta - Giulietta Electrical Kettle

Kettles Giulietta

Giulietta Electrical Kettle
colour White - finish Plain

Giulietta is Bugatti's electric kettle with an irresistible charm and refined style. An item designed and engineered to become an icon in the minds of those who admire it. With a spherical 18/10 stainless steel body in a compact size, it starts with a single touch and switches off when it comes to the boil. The spout is equipped with a limescale filter that retains impurities. Small portholes along the body of the kettle show the water level and illuminate when in operation.

The spherical kettle. A perfect marriage of architectural and design references for an iconic object. The sphere has always been a symbol and emblem of absolute regularity; it is at the centre of Bugatti's new electric kettle concept: Giulietta, which challenges the limits of perfection.
Just like the heroine of Shakespeare's work it is named after, it is destined to remain impressed in history as a myth.
The spherical-shaped body gives the object a compact volume without forgetting its capacity (1.2 litres/42 fl.z.). An ideal object for the kitchen, also perfect as a decorative element on a shelf in the living room, on a small table or on the corner of a desk.
It can be placed and rotated 360° on its base, which integrates perfectly with the shape of the kettle as a whole.

Technical information :
220-240 Volt
50-60 Hertz
2000-2400 Watt

Electrical plug : CE/CB EUROPE - 220/240V SHUKO PLUG

  • Collection: Romeo&Giulietta
  • Designer : ANDREAS SEEGATZ
  • Measurements : 23,5X21
  • Material : Stainless steel 18/10
  • Code : 02-GTC1NU
  • EAN: 8020178719711
  • Finish: Plain
    Shiny plain colour
  • Maintenance : Read the instruction manual carefully before the first use. It includes "Cleaning & Maintenance" advices.
  • Price: €259.00

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An unforgettable award in its 100th year.
Casa Bugatti is proud to announce the awarding of the coveted international Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2023 to 'Giulietta', for the design of the iconic electric kettle from the pencil ofAndreas Seegatz.
The valuable legacy of Red Dot Award analysis and voting has embraced the Giulietta, which with its spherical, soft and welcoming design manages to provide a user experience in which aesthetic quality and functionality are sublimated.


Surround yourself with beauty and love.

It's important that we surround ourselves with enthusiasm-boosting objects and accessories that evoke emotions such as admiration, happiness and tranquillity, bringing touch of energy to our day.

Giulietta_bollitore elettrico Bugatti_960 x 960_28.png

The look of love.

The sphere, an enduring symbol and emblem of perfection and absolute uniformity, is at the heart of the concept of Giulietta, the new Bugatti electric kettle that challenges the limits of perfection. Like the heroine of Shakespeare's play whose name it bears, it is destined to remain etched in history as a legend.

Giulietta_il bollitore elettrico_Piccoli elettrodomestici_Bugatti_960 x 960_3_formattata.png

the electric kettle inspired
by the beauty of love.

In the sphere, designer Andreas Seegatz has captured a perfect, iconic geometry that represents the essence of love. Thus Giulietta was created, the perfect combination of architectural and design references for an iconic object firmly rooted in collective memory. The 18/10 stainless steel spherical body is the genesis of an object that becomes a sculptural, soft and feminine work.

Giulietta_bollitore elettrico Bugatti_960 x 960_26.png

Irresistible simplicity.

The Giulietta electric kettle stands out for the charm of its shape and its ease of use: one touch is all it takes to start it and it stops automatically when it reaches boiling point. The spout fits elegantly into the spherical body and at the same time serves as a filling nozzle. The limescale filter is incorporated in the cap, so that you always have perfect water for your infusions.

Giulietta cromata bollitore elettrico Bugatti 960 x 960.png

A great love, with compact dimensions.

The small portholes decorating Giulietta's body recall the shape of the sphere and indicate the water level and light up when the kettle is in operation. The spherical body lends the object a compact volume; its capacity of 1.2 litres makes it an ideal kitchen item. It is also perfect as a decorative element for your living area, on a coffee table or a corner of your desk. The base snuggly cradles the contours of the electric kettle, which can be conveniently positioned with any rotation.

Giulietta bollitore elettrico Bugatti visione laterale 960 x 960.png

Colours of love. 

The Giulietta electric kettle is available in different colours to suit every need and match every room in your home. 

Giulietta bianca bollitore elettrico Bugatti 960 x 960.png

 Giulietta rossa bollitore elettrico Bugatti 960 x 700.png

Bollitore elettrico Giulietta nero opaco Bugatti 960 x 1400.png

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