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Vita Newspaper - Juicer

Juicer Vita Newspaper

colour Newspaper - finish Newspaper

Vita Newspaper is Bugatti's electric juicer with an original and contemporary style that gives you energy throughout your day. In addition to the modern, slender design and its iconic "V" shape, this electric citrus juicer features an original highly distinctive Unica by Sirena handcrafted cover. Its interplay with the Headline leather textures juxtaposes newspaper sheet motifs. The Vita citrus juicer is dynamic too: thanks to its structural axis, it can be tilted to assist pouring.

Vita juicer: exclusive and craftsmanlike leather treatment by Unica by Sirena©, Headline leather is joined with newsprint to create an unusual effect, at the same time natural.

Technical information :
volt 220-240 - 50-60 Hz - watt 80 - rotations per minute 90-95 RPM - capacity 0,6 l

Electrical plug : CE/CB EUROPE - 220/240V SHUKO PLUG

  • Collection: Newspaper
  • Measurements : ø22,5X29
  • Material : Leather
  • Code : 55-VITABGI
  • EAN: 8020178889377
  • Finish: Newspaper
    Headline leather joined with newsprint
  • Maintenance : Read the instruction manual carefully before the first use. It includes "Cleaning & Maintenance" advices.
  • Price: €880.00

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