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Colour Cutlery

Creating the perfect opportunity to forge deep bonds.

A lunch or dinner at home is a great opportunity to celebrate an event or anniversary, or to show how much a relationship means to you. There are various ways to make the occasion special, such as a plentiful menu, the right company or curated tableware.


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A fabulous mise-en-place, for your most important occasions.

On the most important occasions, it is essential to have a cutlery set worthy of your guests, to enhance the occasion and value their presence. By taking care of the mise-en-place with a high-end, elegant and original cutlery set, you'll be able to start your lunch or dinner in the best way and leave an indelible memory in the minds of your guests.

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We've designed the one that's right for you.

Bugatti's coloured cutlery sets have been designed and manufactured by our designers to win over your guests, making your table special and refined. Each line has its own special feature and unique detail, such as its shape, the finish of the handle, the weft of the ring and its colour. 

You can choose between cutlery with a coloured handle and an elegant mother-of-pearl effect, such as the Oxford, Aladdin and Melodia lines, or cutlery with a vivid and translucent coloured handle, such as the vibrant Glamour line. If you prefer cutlery with classic and timeless decoration, you can choose between the Pois and Zebra cutlery sets. Or you could opt for a line with a sophisticated and distinctive design, such as the Ares cutlery. 

The collections available are truly varied and special, as are the colours for each product line such as our elegant gold cutlery sets and stylish black cutlery sets – the result of constant research and development by Bugatti. 

Grasp quality
with both hands.

We have been making cutlery sets since 1923, and over the years we have learned to perfect and refine our design and production techniques, to the point of becoming true masters. We take care of every single detail of the cutlery, considering the balance, grip, ergonomics and sharpening of the blades, to ensure excellent performance.


Our colours shine
as times goes on.

Behind the processing and production of coloured cutlery lies extensive research and technological innovation to achieve excellent results and high performance. We use various techniques to make our cutlery.

The handles of our Oxford or Aladdin cutlery, for example, are made by hand from acrylic sheets, resulting in different grains and flecks in each individual piece. 

The coloured handles of our Glamour cutlery are made using Bugatti Pro-Tech System double moulding technology, which gives each piece a transparent effect and consistently bright colours, and you can wash them in the dishwasher carefree.

Our cutlery with stainless steel parts and coloured finishes are made of PVD, a special technique involving the deposition of titanium particles, which makes the surfaces resistant to scratches and corrosion.

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For a complete

We have worked extensively to produce a wide range of different products, creating accessories and tools to suit every dish and setting.

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