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Giulietta, the Look of Love

The family of Bugatti electric kettles expands: Giulietta is born, with its irresistible charm

Result of the talent of Andreas Seegatz of the Stars Milano studio, Giulietta is inspired by the figure of the sphere, which has always been a symbol and emblem of perfection and absolute regularity.

The new Giulietta electric tea kettle challenges the limits of perfection.

Like the heroine of Shakespeare's play whose name she bears, it is destined to remain etched in history as a myth.

Giulietta Gold Oro Bollitore elettrico Bugatti_960 x 960_formattata.png

Essential and irresistible love.

Giulietta is distinguished by the charm of its shapes and the ease of use: one touch is enough to make it work and it automatically stops when it reaches the boiling point. The spout blends elegantly into the spherical body, and is also used for filling this stainless steel kettle; the lid is integrated with an anti-limescale filter to assure the perfect water for your infusions. 

Giulietta bollitore elettrico Bugatti 960 x 960 44.jpg
Giulietta bollitore elettrico Bugatti 960 x 960 45.jpg

Enflame your passion,
choose the Giulietta electric kettle.

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