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Aladdin chromed ring Londra - 24-pieces Set in Gallery box

Decorated Colour Cutlery Aladdin chromed ring Londra

24-pieces Set in Gallery box
colour White - finish Nacreous

Aladdin Londra decorated coloured cutlery is designed to bring the charm of some of the most beautiful cities in the world to your table. Each individual piece is crafted with care and precision. The precious polished steel braided ring joins the 18/10 stainless steel elegant mother-of-pearl effect acrylic handle, finely decorated with a London city skyline. Aladdin La Ville Londra decorated coloured cutlery is the ideal choice for world travellers who are passionate about the art of the table. This cutlery is dishwasher safe.

24-pieces Set is composed of:
6 table spoons
6 table forks
6 table knives
6 coffee spoons

  • Collection: La Ville
  • Measurements : 50X28X5,5
  • Material : Stainless steel 18/10 , Chromed metal ring , Acrylic
  • Code : ALC1M-SV150
  • Finish: Nacreous
  • Maintenance : Dishwasher safe up to 50/55°C - 122/131 °F. Load the cutlery in the special "top cutlery tray" or "cutlery basket". Load the knives separately from the other cutlery, with the blade facing down. Read the instruction attached to the documentation
  • Price: €378.00

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A perfect combination of designs and colors, to make any occasion magic.

Celebrating a special occasion or an important event always generates the creative energy necessary to leave nothing to chance: the menu, the location, the guests, the emotions we want to give to our guests. At the end of the event, there will always be a detail imprinted in the memories of those who participated, which will make it unforgettable.
If you like to distinguish, an original, eclectic and extraordinary mise-en-place it's what's right for you: Aladdin Londra cutlery combines color and unique decorations with a precious and sophisticated design.

Posate colorate decorate Bugatti Aladdin Londra 144.png

Evoke a world of emotions and wonders with your mise-en-place.

Aladdin Londra decorated cutlery stands out for its charming design and lively decoration created by the designer Alessandro Parascandolo. The decoration on the handle recalls the charm of one of the most beautiful Italian cities: Venice. The 18/10 stainless steel cutlery with a mother-of-pearl effect decorated handle is even more original thanks to the shining ring.

Posate colorate decorate Bugatti Aladdin Londra 146.png

Ergonomics and performance, synthesis of a precise and continuous work, to integrate beauty and functionality.    

Aladdin Londra decorated cutlery is the perfect fusion of refined aesthetics and quality results: attention to balancing, gripping and cutting ensures optimal and precise performance. Designed to be the natural extension of the hand, it is projected for a perfect grip and for the best ergonomics. Everything is in balance: pointed prongs to perfectly take the food and sharp blades to cut accurately without effort.

Posate colorate decorate Bugatti Aladdin Londra 145.png

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