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“We chose Bugatti as we were looking for decorated cutlery and you have been in this sector for 100 years: quality, dedication and beautiful cutlery that give us the possibility to choose between colors and selection. Furthermore, you also have the technology. These are the main reasons why we think it's great to work with Bugatti.”

W.S., United Arab Emirates


“Rate:  10! For any possible problem or emergency there is very rapid collaboration and solution.”

L.P., Italy


“It's well known, Bugatti is Bugatti, Italian design and everyone in Morocco knows the brand. There is certainly added value,  more value because we always have new products to offer: cutlery, design objects like Petalo, etc.”

S.B., Morocco


“(…) I recommend Bugatti to distributors from other countries because it is extremely open to learn about the needs and culture of other countries, to develop new projects and designs. I think it's a very important aspect and therefore I recommend it.”

Q.L., Taiwan and Hong Kong


“We have worked together for so many years that we are like a family.”

A.F., Uruguay


“When we request a specific product, Bugatti study and develop it within a reasonable time. I believe that this is the real factor that makes our long history a success story.”

D.L., South Korea


“The important factors that incentive us to choose Bugatti are: the service, the reactivity, the customer care. ”

E.P., Luxembourg


“(…) our shop is a high-level shop, where quality comes first. With Bugatti, we don't need to discuss the quality, it's an additiona value, it's a brand you don't have to worry about. It is a brand in which we can trust and I believe this is the real reason that led us to choose Bugatti.”

C.P.H., Philippines


“If you expect something unexpected every day, then you have to choose Casa Bugatti.”

G.L., Hong Kong


“I decided to work with Bugatti for: quality, colour, assortment, style and human contact.”

A.G., Santo Domingo