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Public Mutual | Gift Proposal

Excellence. Commitment. Sustainability. Innovation. Teamwork. Integrity.
and Public Mutual share these incredible important values, in order to offer the highest quality products and highest standard of service.



Our people first: how can we emotionally engage our people, excite them, emphasize their value and underline their commitment?
A precious and exclusive gift to thank them for their cooperation.

Innovative. Modern. Amazing.
Fascinating. Exclusive. Refined.
Sophisticated. Curious.



be pure, be free, b bottles

To make each gift unique and personalized, and to enhance every customer who shares our commitment with dedication, courage and perseverance. 
BPA, BPS, Phtalates free, made of stainless steel 18/10.
Ergonomic, easy to fill, easy to clean; it keeps 12 hours hot liquids, 24 hours cold liquids, 36 hours ice.



Sustainability and low environmental impact processes are at the heart of our philosophy.

Eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable.
100% recycled steel, plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging made of 100% recycled paper. 


first proposal
the termal bottle with your signature

Enrich your gift with your logo and give the uniqueness of a tailor-made, personalized, exclusive, ecological gift, in line with the values ​​we share together.

Thermal bottle, white sand with diamond coating finishing, 500 ml.


second proposal
a complete gift set with accessories

An even more exclusive and original proposal, a complete set with accessories to give a unique experience to those we want to enhance.

Thermal bottle, white sand with diamond coating finishing, 500 ml
 Thermal bottle, white sand with diamond coating finishing, 800 ml
B Loop Accessory red
Sport Lid red
Infusion Kit

third proposal
a luxury combination 

 To reward the best customers, a rich combination of thermal bottles and colored cutlery.

 Thermal bottle, white sand with diamond coating finishing, 500 ml
 Thermal bottle, white sand with diamond coating finishing, 800 ml
B Loop Accessory red
Sport Lid red
Infusion Kit
4 pcs Aladdin shining ring bordeaux composed of 2 chopsticks, 2 dessert spoons, 2 chopsticks supports.




an alternative gift

You can choose to change the Aladdin Asian Food set with B Bottles Food Jar, customizable with your logo.
With B Bottles Food Jar you have your lunch, all at once.
Food and hot liquids for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours and ice for 36 hours.

Gruppo Bugatti 300x250 ING.jpg

a green soul

The aim of Bugatti is to manufacture products that last over time and that automatically become friends of the environment around us.
Sustainability and the safety of people are at the hearth of our philosophy.
From the design and production phases of the product, maximum attention is given
to the use of raw materials.
83% of the metals used for the realization of the products
comes from circular sources
, ie from the recycling of processing scraps of the excellent materials that have been selected for the realization of the products.
The use of the materials and the manufacturing processes are optimized in order to minimize the exploitation of raw materials.
Production processes production are systematically studied for the lowest environmental impact.