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Party favours & gift ideas

Gift ideas for your special day.

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For a perfect event, attention must be paid to the smallest of details. 

To ensure the most important occasions in your life are perfect, it's essential to carefully oversee every detail of the event. Encompassing the celebration, the toast, the party and the invitations. You have to pay attention to every moment. 

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Leave a precious and indelible memory in the minds of your guests.

Party favours are the ideal gift for a day to remember – a reminder of the event, but also an opportunity to express gratitude, friendship, closeness and love. They are designed to amaze your guests with a truly special gift, with a unique and unmistakable style. 

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A world of products, for elegant, refined and unique party favours.

The products designed by Bugatti as favours are varied and diverse; a perfect gift for guests because they are unique, special and practical.

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With iconic style stemming from our designers' creativity.

All Bugatti party favours and gift ideas are distinguished by an iconic and exclusive design, which makes them truly unique and unmistakable.

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Refined and high-quality, available in precious finishes.

Party favours and gift ideas are special both thanks to their design and the range of finishes available. To choose the perfect gift, you'll have different finishes and colours to choose from, so as to match your gift to the theme of the event or to the tastes of those who will receive your precious gift.

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Make the moment last forever: engrave it on the party favours. 

To remember a special moment and make it unique, Bugatti offers you the opportunity to customise your gift with laser engravings of initials, graphics and logos on different materials. Bugatti party favours can be personalised with an engraving of your initials, the date of your wedding or a symbol to best represent your love.

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Take care of every detail of the most important event of your life. Amaze your guests with dream party favours.