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Decorated Colour Cutlery

Decorations that take your mind on a journey.

Without knowing it, certain motifs and decorative designs are able to evoke indescribable emotions in us, arousing distant memories and recalling emotions experienced long ago and long since lost. In other instances, however, we can only be astonished by the beauty and harmony of some decorations, meticulously crafted with a strong artistic flair.

Bring the charm of the world to the table:

Posate colorate decorate Bugatti_Sito_2800 x 2800_46.png

A new look, to be even more captivating.

Accessories and objects, such as walls, clothes and bags, when wrapped in intriguing decorations, completely change shape and become even more fascinating and extraordinary, showing themselves in a new and spectacular light. This also applies to cutlery, which can be embellished with exquisite decorations and motifs, giving them new appeal and captivating your guests' attention.

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The details that make the experience unforgettable.

Our decorated coloured cutlery sets are designed to bring an element of uniqueness and novelty to your table, from our elegant gold cutlery sets to our stylish black cutlery sets. Such a refined and special mise-en-place is very rare, so your dinner party will remain an indelible memory in the minds of your guests.

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Decorated coloured cutlery inspired by the wonders of the world.

Alessandro Parascandolo is the creator of these decorations, characterised by bright colours and meticulous details. The designer has developed the Collezioni delle Terre and Le Jardin des Animaux dans la Ville collections: a universe of animals, distant lands, urban and exotic landscapes, hand-drawn by the designer and reproduced on the cutlery through Bugatti's technical skill.

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For a table that is always colourful and refined.

The handles of Bugatti decorated cutlery are made by hand from acrylic sheets, making each piece unique and different thanks to its grain. Bugatti's attention to detail and production techniques ensure that the colours are bright, vibrant and long-lasting.


Grasp quality
with both hands.

We have been making cutlery since 1923, and over the years we have learned to perfect and refine our production techniques, to the point of becoming true masters. We take care of every single detail of the cutlery, considering the balance, grip, ergonomics and sharpening of the blades, to ensure excellent performance.

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