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"We take care of the convivial living space and the emotions of those who experience it.
We transform a place to stay, into a magical experience where you can dream."

This is the #Mission of Casa Bugatti, the perfect synthesis of a story made of passion and solid skills.

This is the subject and the focus of People Management training course held on May and July and attended by colleagues from all departments of our company.
An important moment of team-building with a common and shared purpose: the analysis and implementation of company codes of conduct.
From values lived not only in the company, to respecting the work of others, from listening without prejudice, to asking and offering feedback and help, from looking at the solution and not the problem, to perseverance, from aiming for excellence and thinking 'out of the box', to opening our minds to the world by living what we do with passion.
As pillars, these elements support our 'everyday doing' and become a constant guide to 'always doing better'.

Thanks to BlackShip and trainers Cristian Acampora and Gianluca Bandini for having accompanied us again this time.




The company IL CAR DI BUGATTI participated with the financial support received from the European Union in the training interventions COURSE ID 54929 TITLE 10408 Tactical sale.
urpose and results:

• Improve your security during negotiations.
• Have full control of emotions so as not to show worrying elements in the client's mind, and reassure him with a positive attitude.
• Learn communication techniques with a high emotional impact.
• Create "feeling" with the customer to exponentially increase the possibility of closure.
• Make the techniques of persuasion your own. • Build a sales technique suited to your style and personality, emphasizing your strengths.

The company IL CAR DI BUGATTI participated with the financial support received from the European Union in the training courses ID COURSE 54884 TITLE 10406- 54900 10407 People Management
Purpose and results:
• Know, monitor and manage the expectations of its people
• Understand the key mechanisms to foster the development of people
• Know and apply the different growth plans: how to monitor the performance of your collaborators.

Provider: Howay S.r.l. ID 2460026
The course was created as part of the initiatives promoted by the Regional Program co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus. For more information