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This document explains what kind of information ILCAR DI BUGATTI SRL, with registered office at (25065) Lumezzane (BS), Via Industriale, n. 69 (hereinafter, the Company) and its Affiliates (hereinafter, the Bugatti Group) collect and store, including the personal information, in connection with the operation of their HOUSEHOLD DEVICES (hereinafter, collectively, the Products). The Products include mobile and web applications (hereinafter, collectively, the Services).
The Privacy Statement is in force from 16th October 2014, at 9.00 am.


The Company and the Bugatti Group know how is important your privacy and strive to be clear the way that they collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information. This Privacy Statement provides you an overview of the Company’s practices. The Privacy Statement applies to devices, websites or online applications that refer to or link to the Company.
It is important that you check the updates of this Privacy Statement. If the Company updates the Privacy Statement, it will let you know about changes. By accessing or using the Products or the Services after the updates notice, you consent to the new practice(s) identified in the update. The most current version of the Privacy Statement is always available at the following link:
The Privacy Statement applies whenever you use the Products and/or the Services, also with a computer or a mobile phone or a tablet or other device.


The Services enable you to create an account or profile in connection with your use. The Company may ask you to provide certain information about yourself to set up the account or profile (e.g. your name and email address). If you order paid Services, the Company may ask for your credit card information in order to process your order, shipping and billing address(es). Some of Services enable you to communicate with other people. Those communications will be transmitted through and stored on systems kept by the Company’s Web Agency.

The Company may collect information about your use of the Products and/or the Services through software on its devices.
The information can serve to guide decisions on the design of the Products and the choice of contents to be accessed with the Services.
For example, the Company may collect the following information about the Products:
a) model;
b) serial number;
c) mac address of the bluetooth system;
d) the software model;
e) total time of operation of the Products and their default functions;
f) errors generated by power surges or overloads.
The Company may collect the following information on the use of the Services:
1) setup: when you install the mobile or web application, the Company ask you the indication of the product serial number. This operation allows the coupling between the product and the application. Once you completed this operation, the application starts up;
2) use of functions: we record your uses of the Products’ functions and we collect any information about anomalies that you notice during the use;
3) errors and types of errors: the Products collect any changes of input energy to allow the entry into operation of the protectors of the electronic cards and electric components installed on the Products. These errors are sent to the application that communicates to the Company’s server this information and serial number reported by each of the Products. The Products record any overloads of the motors and, therefore, the starting up of the thermo-protector.
This information helps the Company to understand what efforts suffer the Products and, therefore, to plan the improvement of power or the performance of the moving parts in order to achieve a better efficiency.


The Company may receive information about you from publicly and commercially available sources (as permitted by law), which the Company may combine with other information it receives from or about you. The Company may receive information about you from the social networking services when you choose to connect to the Services with those tools.
1) You may decide not to provide the Company some information but you will not be able to use some Services.
2) The Company may use the information collected for the purpose of your registration or your product or in order to deliver you a functionality that you have required or a personalized content and recommendations based on previous activities.
3) You may inform the Company if you want to receive promotional information about new products, special offers and transactions or promotions.
The collection of this type of information is used by the Company to understand the way in which you use the Products and/or the Services in order to ensure the improvement and development and to provide maintenance services.
The Company may disclose your information to other parties to comply with the law or to respond to compulsory legal process (such as a court order) or to protect its rights, property, or safety or any of its respective affiliates, business partners or customers.

With the use of the Products and the Services and/or by notice to the Company of your information, you consent to the Company to collect your data that are transferred, stored or otherwise processed in a destination outside your country.
The Company applies the law of the State, in which it has its registered office, about data protection. The Company is not liable in case the legislation of the State, where your data are transferred, is not equivalent to the law of your country. Under the laws of some States, you may have the right to request information on the data collected by the Company and to correct any errors. If permitted by law, the Company will charge you the cost to the exercise of this right. The Company may, however, refuse to comply with your requests that require disproportionate technical effort, that jeopardize the privacy of others, which are extremely difficult or for which the access is not authorized by local law. To request the access to your information, you may contact Customer Service to the email address
The Company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that your information are kept as long as you are a Company’s customer in order to provide its support for the period necessary for the purpose for which your data are collected or required by any agreements or laws.
The Company has adopted reasonable physical and technical measures to protect the information collected in connection with the Products and Services. Despite the adoption of these aforementioned measures for the protection of information, however, no website, Internet transmission, computer or wireless connection is completely secure. The Services may connect to web sites and services of third parties that are not under the control of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the protection and privacy of any information collected by such web sites or these other services. You must pay attention and read the privacy policies that apply to the websites and services of third parties that you use. In particular, if you connect to a social network service by using the Services, the Company may receive and store your authentication data for logging, in addition to other information that you allow the Company to receive when you are connecting to these services. Please note, also, that if you decide to connect to social networking services on a device that is also used by other people, they will be able to view your information stored or displayed in connection with your account on the Services to which you connect . The Company, with some third parties, can also use other types of storage technology in local, installed in the Products, that allow to store some information on your activities and preferences.
The Company and some third parties that provide content, advertising and other features on the Services, may use cookies and other technologies in certain parts of the Services.
A cookie is a file that stores information on your devices and allows to recognize you on several websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions. These files can store your login credentials to avoid you entering them each time you connect to a service.
The Company uses cookie technology to perform statistical analysis on its website, which tracks the path of the cookie. The cookies do not store your email address or other personal information.
The Company uses the log files of the server to count visitors and evaluate the technical capabilities of the website. This information helps the Company to know how many people visit its website, to organize the pages in the most accessible manner, to facilitate navigation and to make the pages more useful to visitors.


The processing of the personal data are made by the Company in full compliance with the Italian Decreto Legislativo Legislative n. 196/2003 in order to support the use and the maintenance of the Products and Services. You can exercise your rights under Article 7 of the Italian Decreto Legislativo n. 196/2003 by email sent to