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Terms of service

Site and application mobile BChef conditions of use

Access to this site (hereinafter, the Site), referable to URL, and, and to application mobile BChef (hereinafter, BChef), involves the acceptance of the following terms and conditions by their users (hereinafter, the Users). These terms and conditions may be updated and/or amended at any time at the sole discretion of ILCAR di Bugatti Srl (hereinafter, ILCAR) without any need to give prior notice to the Users.

Access to the Site and BChef and use of their content

ILCAR accepts no responsibility of whatever kind in relation to access by Users to the Site and BChef or their use of the related content.

Site and BChef content

All content of the Site and BChef (by way of example but in no way limited to, news, photos, videos, sounds, brands, logos, domain names, software applications, graphic layouts, technical documentation and manuals) and the related rights are reserved. Such content may therefore be consulted by the Users solely for personal information purposes, while any other use is expressly prohibited without prior written consent from ILCAR or those entitled to grant such consent.
Although the information contained in the Site and BChef has been collected and presented with all reasonable care, no warranty is given to Users about the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or possible utilisation by Users. ILCAR therefore expressly excludes any responsibility for errors, imprecision or omissions in relation to such information.
Some sections of the Site and BChef may contain information about future plans. These statements do not by their nature involve any commitment by ILCAR, which therefore does not make any commitment concerning their realisation.

Intellectual and industrial property

All contents of the Site and BChef, including the brands mentioned or displayed on the Site, and the designs and patents related to products on the Site and BChef, are subject to copyright and other applicable regulations on the protection of intellectual and industrial property and may not therefore be reproduced, modified or used, in whole or in part, without prior written consent from ILCAR or those entitled to grant such consent.


The information and images regarding, by way of example, the functioning, performance and other features of the products included in the Site and BChef are updated constantly. This data should therefore be considered merely indicative and subject to errors, imprecision and changes at any time by ILCAR. ILCAR may, at any time and at its sole discretion, make organisational or formal changes to the service Casa Bugatti described in the Site and to application mobile BChef.

Notes from Users

Users guarantee the originality of any and all information, comments, messages, text, software, data, sound, music, photography, graphics, video and other material transmitted, distributed, exchanged or made available in any form by Users through the Site and BChef (hereinafter, individually, the Note and, collectively, the Notes) or otherwise made public in any area or space in the Site and BChef.
Any material protected by rights of any third party can only be used if the User acquired by the owner the rights to use it with the obligation to mention the source and the existence of the permit. The photographic material, audio or videos of others or reproducing the portrait of third parties may be used only if the User obtained the consent of the author and the subject portrayed. In relation to the availability of such rights and consents the User assumes all liability exempting completely ILCAR from any liability.
The User is the author, solely responsible, for any and every contribution by him transmitted, distributed, exchanged or made available in any case through the Site and BChef and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ILCAR from any claim of third parties arising from its Notes.
The User gives to ILCAR free, perpetual and non-exclusive license, for the whole world, to publish his notes on the Site and BChef and the right to grant sub-license and sell them to third parties, and the right to copy, reproduce, correct, adapt, modify, improve, translate, reformat, create derivative works, manufacture, sell, republish, distribute, sell, transfer, rent, lease, transmit, publicly perform, communicate to the public by telecommunication, in any way now known or in future discovered, any Notes generated.
The User waives the exclusive right to collect its Notes, whether individually or through a management organization, for communication to the public or the representation or execution, including in digital form.
ILCAR reserves, in its sole discretion, all rights of publication and/or removal, temporarily or permanently, of any Notes from the Site and BChef.
The User can not to disclose Notes containing sensitive data and enter and/or post photos/ images of minors, notes inclusive of child pornography and/or imagines pornographic, obscene, profane, defamatory, offensive, contrary to public policy or morality, that promote or incite illegal activities or contain viruses or other programs able of damage the functionality of computer systems of others.
ILCAR claims not play editorial control on Notes, except where otherwise indicated, and is not required to perform any control activities on the lawfulness, truthfulness, validity, accuracy, nonmisleading, not offensiveness of Notes. In any case, ILCAR reserves to refuse and/or delete, at its discretion, Notes not considered suitable for transmission, dissemination, exchange or made available through the Site and BChef. ILCAR accepts no responsibility for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, caused to the User or to third parties by transmission, dissemination, exchange or provision of Notes given by the Users through the Site and BChef.
The User, who accesses video, messages, images, expert opinions, comments, which may contain Notes from other Users, declares to be aware of the possibility that these contents could be offensive or offend the sensibilities of certain persons, and, in any case, recognizes that the responsibility of Notes can not be attributed to ILCAR but to their respective authors.


ILCAR accepts no responsibility for the information and statements contained in the pages of the Site. In particular, they do not contain an implied promise or guarantee concerning the composition, fitness for any particular purpose of the services or the non-infringement by the services of regulations or third-party rights. Certain links to other websites may appear on the Site and BChef. ILCAR has no influence over the configuration, availability, accessibility and content of pages connected to the Site and BChef via links, and offers no guarantee over the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of information presented in them. The Site and BChef offers Users the ability to upload images, photos and/or text content. ILCAR accepts no responsibility for such content uploaded by Users. It is understood that such content must not violate the applicable laws and regulations. Should a violation be identified, ILCAR will arrange to remove the content immediately from its servers. ILCAR cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, including loss of profit, arising from the use or inability to use the Site and BChef and their content, or websites linked to it directly or indirectly, as well as from any errors or omissions.

Access to the Site via social login

The Users have sole responsibility for use of the Site and BChef by their passwords and user names, even if others use it and even in the event of unauthorised use.
Subscribers are, therefore, responsible for protecting their passwords and user names (even when provided to ILCAR via social networks, Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter referred to as the Social Networks). Anyone who knows the password and user name of a User is able to access the Site and BChef and neither ILCAR nor the Social Networks are obliged to check any authorisations granted to the person using the password and user name, or any other information used to identify the account. If a User or a third party in possession of the password and user name of the User uses the Site and/or BChef to commit a crime and/or for other improper purposes, the User shall be responsible for any losses incurred by ILCAR or third parties as a result of such use. The Users agree not to use the Site for purposes that are fraudulent, illegal or unauthorised, or which interfere in any way with enjoyment of the content by other customers.
The Users agree not to use improperly and not to damage deliberately the Site, BChef, the reputation, the employees or the organisation of ILCAR. If the contrary is true, the Users accept responsibility for any amount claimed from ILCAR by third parties, plus any expenses, deriving in whole or in part from the improper deeds attributable to them, and for any other consequences for third parties and/or ILCAR deriving from such improper deeds.
The Social Networks impose specific terms and conditions on use of the services provided. By using the Site and BChef, the Users agree to be bound by such additional terms and conditions without ILCAR being deemed responsible for the availability of the applications and/or content provided to the Users by the Social Networks.

Third party intellectual property

This Site and BChef are managed by ILCAR. ILCAR respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. Certain materials on this Site may be published and made available on the Site by third parties without the permission of ILCAR. ILCAR policy does not allow the Site and BChef to contain materials that infringe the rights of third parties. The accounts of Users who infringe these rights will be deleted, once the infringement has been brought to the attention of ILCAR, and the related materials will also be removed.
If Users believe that any of the materials included on the Site and BChef infringe their rights, those Users must send a note to ILCAR containing the following information:
a)identification of the right infringed or, in the case of multiple infringements, a list of all infringements identified;
b) identification of the materials contained on the Site and BChef that infringe the above right(s) and which they request should be removed or disabled, accompanied by information enabling ILCAR to identify the nature of the infringement(s);
c) data necessary to contact the owner of the infringed right(s) including address, telephone number and, if available, e-mail;
d) a declaration stating that the use of the material in question has not been authorised by the owner of the right(s), by their agents or by their legal representatives;
e) a declaration stating that the information submitted to ILCAR is accurate and, in the knowledge that criminal penalties will be incurred in the event of false declarations, that they are in possession of authorisation to act on behalf of the owner of the infringed right(s);
f) a signature, real or electronic, of the person authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the infringed right(s).
The above note shall be sent by registered mail to the following address: ILCAR di Bugatti Srl, Via Industriale, n. 69, 25065 Lumezzane (BS).

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Without prejudice to any other rights that Users benefit from by virtue of other national or international laws, these Site and BChef conditions of use are subject to Italian law and will be construed in accordance with that law (except for the rules on legal conflicts), including any dispute over the existence, validity and enforceability of these Site and BChef conditions of use and any other agreement that refers to them.
Within the above limits, the Court of Brescia shall be exclusively competent with jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising over these Site and BChef conditions of use and any other agreement that refers to them.