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Press Kit -Eurocucina

BUGATTI research has once again united innovation and exclusiveness to create new products
that combine style and the spirit of technology. They open up a new way of living in the kitchen,
with taste, emotion and sharing.
The BUGATTI limited edition is named Individual and features high quality finishes and refined
artistic details with intelligent craftsmanship. Individual appliances express a concept of daily
luxury. They are real, true objects of design created for the modern kitchen that shares space with
the living room. All include innovative features that open up new possibilities for daily life.
At Eurocucina, BUGATTI will show the Vera electronic carbon fibre kettle, available with glossy or matte finishes. The carbon fibre – a material used in many fields, including the automotive
industry – gives the appliance a quality finish and strongly technological allure. This carbon fibre
kettle, which is already one of the points on the diamond of BUGATTI's home appliances range,
confirms the brand's ability to offer products that are always innovative in terms of form and material.
The enhancement of the range does not end with the carbon-fibre kettle, but includes other home
appliances. Just as tailor-made clothing is perfectly refined according to the preferences of the
wearer, BUGATTI's Individual home appliances are finished with Swarovski crystal
combinations of your choice, like the combination of Silver Aurora Borealis and Red Siam
crystals. The Aurora Borealis crystals, created in 1956 in collaboration with Christian Dior, provide
a unique lighting effect that has made this one of the most popular Swarovski crystal choices. The
photographs show the Vera kettle and the Volo toaster. Many other Swarovski crystal
combinations are available as finishes for all the BUGATTI Individual home appliances. Contact us
for availability.
If the finishes are the features that make our Individual home appliances range unique in the
market, it is the technological soul that distinguishes the Vento (blender) and Noun (toaster/cooker)
BUGATTI products, both of which integrate with the new "B Chef" app for tablets and
smartphones. Access a set of recipes and choose whether to prepare them yourself or with the
help of the B Chef app that guides you through each step. Share recipes on social networks and
invite friends to dinner, and suggest your own recipes for adding to the Bugatti database – all this
is possible with the intelligent, easy to use B Chef app, which will become your irreplaceable
assistant in the kitchen, for results worthy of a pro. The B Chef app is the start of a new generation
of smart home appliances that are not only beautiful and feature-rich, but also intelligent enough
to help you in preparing food, while sharing your love of cooking.
Vento (designed by Andreas Seegatz / Stars_Milano) is a powerful blender offering many
features and produced from high quality materials that offer maximum performance. Every detail
incorporates the BUGATTI philosophy of creating something unique and extraordinary. This new
product not only includes the B Chef app, which lets you use and interact with the device using
digital devices, but also features a brushless DC motor that makes it incomparable. This kind of
motor is noticeably quieter than traditional AC motors, saves up to 33% in energy consumption, is
more durable and is ideal for both domestic and professional uses. Its performance is good enough
to be used to prepare many dishes, from smoothies to gluten-free recipes, to create flours, knead,
or produce soya milk: light, healthy dishes; dishes for dietary requirements; baby foods, as well as
many other recipes for lovers of cooking or for restaurant owners. It operates at the right power
level without losing speed while blending and can therefore also mix… and prepare a hot soup,
reaching 85° in just 7-8 minutes. The patented Bugatti blade system is stainless steel and
designed to provide maximum performance. The durable, BPA-free polycarbonate jug is easy to
use, has 4 different positions and can also be used for serving. It is also fitted with a safety system
that automatically switches off the blender when the lid is removed from the jug. A proximity touch
screen control panel with 7 preset programs, and a joystick to select from up to 60 speeds and
pulse options provide the controls. Dimensions: H. 249mm. X 249 X 510mm. Available from October 2014.
Noun (designed by Andreas Seegatz / Stars_Milano) is no mere toaster, but a revolutionary
cooking appliance built from a special transparent glass ceramic material with an ultra-high
resistance semiconductor (using Bugatti's patented GTH Technology). A perfect mix of aesthetics, technology and performance, its FIR Far Infrared technology provides the high temperatures needed to cook food placed directly onto the transparent surface, such as bread, meat, fish orvegetables, with reduced cooking times thanks to the variable cooking temperature. 80 seconds is all it takes to reach 300 degrees at 1400 Watts. Toast is ready in just 50 seconds. A proximity touch screen control panel lets you operate the device: power on, and functions for heating bagels, defrosting, toasting, toast browning level, and cooking, with temperatures from 100 to 300 degrees.
Cooked food can be easily removed from the transparent surface thanks to an automatic elevator.
The elements have an aperture that varies from 8mm. to 35mm. and are easily removed for
cleaning, and there's also a crumb collection tray. The B Chef app lets you interact with the Noun
using digital devices and share your cooking skills. Dimensions: H. 226 x 535 x 225mm. Available
from October 2014.


Press Kit -Eurocucina