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News HOMI - B Bottles



Design: Clemente Bugatti

Sustainability and Wellness are the values ​​from which Bugatti B Bottles is born: a new line of re-usable and plastic-free bottles designed by Clemente Bugatti.

It is common knowledge that water is a primary good for a sustainable and healthy life and constitutes 65% of the human body; therefore, it is essential for physical well-being and for a good and constantly renewed vitality, to drink regularly during the day, especially if you play sports, in order to maintain continuous hydration. You should always have a supply of water with you.

Water is also the source of the alternative and renewable energy we generate to use in our production sites. The Bugatti Group focuses on Well-being, Sustainability and Ecology and today a large part of the energy requirement is satisfied by the Group’s hydroelectric power station. By 2025, we aim to obtain 60% of our energy from renewable sources.

B Bottles reflect our commitment to reduce the environmental impact, improving people well-being and health.

Technical features

The range includes a complete offer of vacuum double-walled thermal bottles (B Bottles Twin) made of 18/10 stainless steel and various accessories.

The shape is ergonomic and tapered to facilitate a secure grip and make it even easier to always carry the bottle with you to satisfy the thirst.

The materials are safe, recyclable and high quality: the bottles are made of 18/10 stainless steel and are BPA, BPS & Phthalates free. Furthermore, there are no plastic parts in continuous contact with your drink. The use of a durable and reusable material such as 18/10 stainless steel is in line with a broader concept of sustainability, centred on an environment friendly lifestyle and made up of small ethical and individual gestures. The packaging is also made of recycled cardboard and is plastic free.

The B Bottles Twin vacuum-sealed double-wall thermal line is made of 18/10 stainless steel and thanks to the special copper layer between the two vacuum-sealed steel walls, each bottle allows you to keep drinks at the desired temperature for a long time, with maximum sealing and without outer condensation: hot drinks up to 12 hours, cold drinks up to 24 hours and ice up to 36 hours. B Bottles are available in 4 sizes: 250 ml, ideal for children, 350 ml and 500 ml for medium thirst needs and 800 ml for the office or long trips.

The lid is made of 18/10 stainless steel and it is double-walled for further thermal insulation; it is equipped with an hermetic food-grade silicone gasket. The wide mouth allows the use of ice cubes and at the same time facilitates cleaning, making it easier to fill drinks and more comfortable to drink.

Aesthetics and design

Many colours, graphics and finishes make these bottles not only indispensable allies for well-being but also real style accessories, to be chosen from an original range of colours and elegant decorations.

“B Bottles radiate colour, inspiring human connection” - explains Clemente Bugatti, CEO of Ilcar di Bugatti and Designer of the B Bottles – “Colours are a rainbow of hope, fostering calm, confidence and creativity in any situation, embracing the deep joy that transcends fun and conviviality, instilling faith in the future, continuity and clarity of mind, expressing serenity, tranquillity, and timeless familiarity. We believe in the blues and greens of nature, signalling life, growth and rebirth; we desire vibrant reds and gleaming golds for their energy, dynamism and passion. We welcome white and silver for a sense of peace, purity and inspiration; we cherish pinks and yellows, illuminating the way ahead with their bright vision. NOW is the time: people are yearning for authentic connection.

Technology tries to keep us close, but we live for tangible relationships; to feel the warm touch of people, places and objects that matter; to experience, after the rain, the rainbow once again. Colours connect people.”

The coloured versions match with the decorated versions inspired by flowers, nature and the Bel Paese that give peace or joy, with POP and Animalier patterns for those who do not want to go unnoticed, or meditative and fashion designs to be chosen according to your style.

Also available the Gift Set consisting of a 500 ml or 800 ml B Bottles, in black or rose gold colour, and two accessories in red, black or white colour: the Sport Lid Kit to hydrate on the go and the Infusion Kit to prepare tea, infusions and flavoured waters wherever you are.

The accessories. Complete the range:

B Bottles cover

For dynamic people: practical and ergonomic, they give a captivating and sporty look to the bottle. Hand-sewn, are made of Neoprene, a protective material characterized by waterproof and thermal properties; they are equipped with practical handles for a comfortable and safe grip.

Weaves bag

Inspired by the intertwined shopping bags of prêt-à-porter, the Weaves Bags are suitable for a dynamic person that combines the need for practicality with a

refinement of style. Practical 24h accessory allows you to carry the B Bottles with an original and trendy style. This sophisticated net of over 50 hand-made knots is made of caramel-coloured eco-leather. Available shoulder bag or hand bag.

Infusion kit

All you need to prepare your favourite infusions, teas and flavoured waters on the go. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, with no plastic parts in contact with your


B loop

The handy way to carry your bottle. Simple to attach to clothing, hooks or bags. Made of food-grade silicone.

Sport Lid kit

Kit consisting of sport lid, B Loop and drinking straw (food-grade silicone).

Perfect for sports and outdoor enthusiast. Practical, hygienic, and perfectly sealed, for anyone needing hydration on the move. The silicon cover seals and closes in a safe and hygienic way, cleaning the hole any time the lid is closed.

Personalized Gifts & Favors

Make B Bottles unique with a dedication for a gift; distinguish it by a name or a special design is now possible! You can seal the date of a marriage, of a baptism and anything imagination can suggest. For corporate gifts you can customize it with your logo or with a special pattern.


Clemente Bugatti, CEO & R&D Director of Ilcar di Bugatti srl: first of 4 brothers, married with 2 daughters, graduated in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Clemente from an early age is passionate about design and joins the family business, which today sees the fourth generation engaged, occupying roles in various functions and gaining a long experience. Today he is CEO of Ilcar di Bugatti S.r.l. and R&D director. He declares: " My job is to be the “bridge” between designers and engineers in turning great ideas into reality". He led the company in its various phases: from a contract manufacturer, to the launch of the Bugatti brand, to the diversification of production with small appliances, from the highly successful Diva coffee machine to the award-winning Jacqueline electronic kettle. His also the idea of ​​Noun, the revolutionary cooking system awarded, among others, with "Honorable Mention 2015 - Compasso d'Oro International Award" by ADI. Today Clemente Bugatti signs the design of the B Bottles.

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News HOMI - B Bottles