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Fusion of Fashion and Design in the name of Beauty
Ambiente 2019 is the launch stage for the new collection ‘Le Jardin Botanique’ by Bugatti, born from partnership with Alessandro Parascandolo, stylist and designer.
By choosing to give its own creations a romantic and kaleidoscopic concept derived from the fashion world scene, Bugatti confirms itself as a meeting point between fashion and design, elegance and innovation, shape and technology.
So, in this historical moment in which the return to the pursuit of beauty in all its facets and forms permeates today's society, even Bugatti’s design opens up to a very original artistic interpretation.
The floral patterns born from the creativity of the stylist; the history and expertise with which Bugatti creates its objects since 1923; the inspirations from the world of fashion, interior design, and architecture; the special manufacturing processes. These are the protagonists of this presentation game that creates visual and tactile emotions, of lights and colours, offering matte and silky contrasts studied as if they were embroideries for metamorphic effects on Bugatti’s creations.
Iconic objects thus come to life, designed for a perfect coexistence, to be mixed and matched at will for a chic and contemporary home, as if it was designed in a high fashion atelier.
The cutlery and appliances embellished with ever-different engravings and reliefs on the surface take on a new style, which stems from the diverse influences of Milan, capital of fashion and design, of London and of overseas traditions.
Colours bloom in the garden of wonders, multicolour anthuriums and colourful amaryllises among waving foliage stalks, lie on the objects and the packaging.
A hand-drawn decorative motif, inspired by nineteenth-century wallpaper, combines with stylized black and white designs in a contemporary graphic game inspired by overseas pop artists.
There is everything that Alessandro Parascandolo does in a mix and match between handmade decorative parts and clean and clear stylistic strokes. There are refined processing techniques: decorative effects, overprints, artistic embroideries for every single object. The natural and botanical subjects are accompanied by delicate galvanic games like flames of varying intensity. The new-borns of the cutlery collection interpret buds and leaves that harmoniously wrap the cutlery, like the hair of a woman falling on her bare back completes a refined evening dress. Different pieces designed for a perfect coexistence to be mixed and matched at will for a chic and modern home, as if it was designed in a high fashion atelier. 
Alessandro Parascandolo is the stylist designer of the 2019 collection “Le Jardin Botanique” by Bugatti. Already during his university years, he was several times winner of the ‘young promise of design’ award by Giorgio Armani at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he graduated in fashion design. Selected by Carlo Rivetti and trained in Stone Island as assistant to Paul Harvey, he continued his refinement in the Studio of Carmen Sabbatini alongside Gianfranco Ferré. In 2010 he founded the Stylistic Consultancy Studio APcreativedesign, with the aim of creating and growing a dynamic professional company composed of creative minds who see in AP passion, motivation, and new scenarios. Specializing in the study of colour, in the search for innovative materials, and in the analysis of trend forecasting, he has always used Moodboard and Colour Palette, developed specifically for clothing and accessories, to communicate an advanced vision of fashion trends. Artistic director of the Corto Maltese women's line by Hugo Pratt, he lent his knowledge and know-how in the field of tailoring, developed in various tailoring laboratories, ranging from the design of the garments to their creation through the sewing modelling processes. His collaborations include brands such as Nanni, Huld, and Helen Yarmak, which have allowed him to expand his experience in the field of accessories and small leather goods. Expert in the field of processing, finishes, and treatments for accessories in brass, zamak, and plastic polymers, he boasts a valid and complete package of suppliers through which he gives stylistic advice to various companies of fashion and luxury, such as Fendi, Goyard, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, for the development of their custom products. The whole creative process starts with a freehand sketch, which concretizes through a designing phase that integrates professionalism in the use of image processing software, knowledge of materials and their potential at the industrial level, and prediction on the feasibility of the project.