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Collezioni Cutlery with Decorations

When design becomes a symbol
The winning combination between Bugatti and the designer and stylist Alessandro Parascandolo continues.
After the Le Jardin Botanique collection, a wide range of cutlery with floral designs and special processes, from the Dévoré to the Lady cutlery both characterized by special laser decorations, the surprising new cutlery of the Collezione delle Terre and Le Jardin des Animaux dans la Ville collections. A universe of animals, exotic and urban landscapes, faraway lands, hand-drawn by the designer and impressed on cutlery thanks to Bugatti's technical and personalization skills, giving life to these luxurious creations present in the most prestigious department stores in the world like Harrods
and Galleries Lafayette.
They both include cutlery with decorations on polished steel, Black Diamond and Champagne PVD polished and sandblasted and decorations on acrylic handles with a strong aesthetic component that is influenced by the impact of fashion and design.
Collezione delle Terre, evokes different Counties and cultures: from Italy, to Northern Europe, to Asia, to Latin America.
Allegoria: the protagonists are citrus fruits which, as in a perfect allegory, through their colors, the sensation of heat on the skin, the heady scent, bring to mind memories of conviviality.
Armonia: the dragon that represents wisdom, strength, bravery, luck and includes centuries of tradition, takes us to another dimension as a symbol of the perfect balance.
Vento del nord: evokes the warmth of the room, the snow outside the window, the family gathered. Northern wind takes along with it the warmth of union.
Legame: happines, liveliness, joy. It is the inspiration that comes from the festive spirit of the South American regions, from which derives the energy and passion of sharing and the strength of the bond between people.
Le Jardin des Animaux dans la Ville, includes a universe with fantastic cities, urban landscapes and exotic animals that inhabit them. Let's see what they are:
Panther: the jaguar symbolizes courage, strength and beauty, an emblem of modern man's desires. It is represented here in multiple variants, representing the common desires of people but also their individuality.
Animalier and Zebra: camouflage and precious animal textures create magical and exotic scenarios.
Jungle: the gardens explode in the city imposing themselves in an exotic way, bringing their values with them. The parrot, a symbol of the words we cannot say, the jaguar with its strength and determination, the butterfly with its elegance.
Le Jardin d’Air and Butterfly: in the city garden butterflies and dragonflies hover in the air giving us beauty. Symbol of transformation and self-search, they represent an ode to passion and a hymn to joy.
La Ville: iconic cities around the world resume in their decorations: Venice, Paris, London and New York. New York is represented as a vertical world. The city stands gray, but the need for nature pervades it: gigantic gardens explode unexpectedly over the roofs, as a refuge from daily chaos. Then there is London... where you run, time stands still. A stone's throw from a skyscraper you are surprised by the red bricks of the Georgian buildings, bodyguards of the immense gardens ready to give us a moment of peace. For Paris, the grandeur of the city is expanded by the freedom given by
crossing. Venice is instead reproduced with narrow alleys that intersect each other, immersing the lost traveler in a magical world. From a silent pier, you can see a garden on the Rialto Bridge, reality or imagination driven by desire?
With the Animalier decorations, within the Individual line, are born the Vera kettle, the Jacqueline kettle and the placemats in cowhide suede, printed and hand-painted, with reptile skin effect.

Collezioni Cutlery with Decorations