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Press releases


Bugatti B Bottles

TAKE A DRINK, MAKE A DIFFERENCE Water: health and beauty elixirs at your fingertips with the new “Bugatti B Bottles”   Water is a primary commodity for ...

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New Cutlery

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY FOR TIMELESS NEW CUTLERY “Divine creations” by Alessandro Parascandolo for Bugatti.   The new cutlery by Bugatti created by designer and ...

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Collezioni Cutlery with Decorations

CREATIVITY NO LIMITS When design becomes a symbol   The winning combination between Bugatti and the designer and stylist Alessandro Parascandolo continues.   After ...

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Jacqueline Kettle

JACQUELINE: THE MOST GLAMOUROUS KETTLE OF THE MODERN ERA Featuring an iconic bag shape, the new Bugatti kettle is a must-have for tea lovers.   Elegance and refinement for ...

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