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Press releases


New collection Le Jardin Botanique

Fusion of Fashion and Design in the name of Beauty    Ambiente 2019 is the launch stage for the new collection ‘Le Jardin Botanique’ by Bugatti, born from partnership ...

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Precious cutlery!

A mix of quality and design for a refined and contemporary mise en place.   Truly beautiful, designed with attention to every detail and for every need, the new cutlery by Bugatti ...

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Gift ideas that leave a mark

Design and precious colours give life to new items by Bugatti   Beautiful, functional gift ideas with a captivating design. For a day to remember, but also to decorate the table and ...

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Jacqueline: the most glamorous kettle of the modern era

Featuring an iconic bag shape, the new Bugatti kettle is a must-have for lovers of the perfect cup of tea.   Elegance and sophistication for Jacqueline, the new high-performance ...

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