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Guacamole sauce is a cream that accompanies a second dish, even perfect for a nutritious but light lunch, spread on a slice of wholemeal bread and accompanied by a fresh salad.

Avocado is a very rich and nutritious fruit, rich in unsaturated fats that help us maintaining our proper lipid picture; it is rich in beta-carotene and glutathione, a substance that helps our liver, and potassium in even greater quantities than bananas and is very caloric.

NOTE: The humeboshi acidulate is a vinegar obtained from humeboshi apricot, which grow both in China and in Japan; they are first dried and salted in barrels for a long time, up to 12 months, then wrapped in shiso leaves, a plant that gives the characteristic red color.

Mara Di Noia- Vegachef & Food Therapist
Ingredients for 4 persons
  • 300 gr Avocado flesh
  • 30 gr Shallot
  • 20 gr Lemon juice
  • 20 gr Umeboshi acidulate
  • 5 gr Salt
Preparation for 4 persons step
Peel the avocados and remove the kernel.

NOTE: keep one kernel. Place it into the cream while storing it. This help not to blacken the guacamole.

Then take the avocado flesh and place it into Vento jar.
Add the salt, the umeboshi acidulate and the shallot.
Well, now turn the knob and set the speed indicated in the following step.
Vento is blending at speed 30 for 1 minute.
Now press STOP to end the blending.
Pour the guacamole and enjoy!
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