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Gold crispy sea bass with noun Rating average       PreviewIngredientsPreparation
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0 0 Intermediate 165 Kcal Recipe card 25 Minutes

“Branzino” (sea bass) is a fish with white, fragrant, lean and firm meat, very resistant to cooking; another name for it is “spigola” (mainly in southern Italy) and is a fine fish. It can be considered among the best for quality, taste and practicalness since it has large bones, easy to remove.

We propose a dish delicate and tasty at the same time to be proposed for a light dinner with friends!

Chef Carlo Bresciani
Ingredients for 2 persons
  • 30 gr Black olives
  • 1 Egg
  • 50 gr Breadcrumbs
  • 100 gr Sea bass fillet
  • 1 nr Cooking bag
  • 5 gr Salt
  • 5 gr Extra virgin Olive oil
  • 5 gr Pepper
Preparation for 2 persons step
Let's prepare everything we need:

Cooking bag: 1 nr
Egg: 1 nr
Breadcrumbs: 50 gr (1,75 Oz)
Sea bass fillet: 100 gr (3,5 Oz)
Olive oil: 5 gr (0,175 Oz)
Salt: 5 gr (0,175 Oz)
Pepper: 5 gr (0,175 Oz)
Black olives: 30 gr (1,05 Oz)
Beat the egg (both yolk and egg white);
Take the sea bass fillet and deep it into the egg on both sides;
Deep the sea bass fillett into the breadcrumbs.

Repeat this action.
Be careful to cover completely both surfaces of the fish!

Insert the breaded sea bass into the cooking bag and place it on the lift between the glass walls of NOUN.
NOUN will have to cook for 4 minutes at temperature 225°C (437°F).

Well done! Now push on COOKING button on NOUN display.
Set the temperature display.
Set on the display the desired cooking time.
Place the sea bass on a plate and season with extravirgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Decorate with black olives and season vegetables!


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