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Bugatti is 90 years old!
Bugatti celebrates its ninetieth birthday: the company was set up in 1923 in Lumezzane (Brescia).
It was founded by the brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio and its name also pays homage to the father who preceded them: F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio.
The company started off life as a professional workshop making nickel-silver and silver-plated brass cutlery but it soon acquired the first mechanical tools required to improve product features and streamline production.

F.lli Bugatti was the first company in Italy to introduce the Polak pressure die-casing machine, thanks to which in 1928 the revolutionary brass-silicon alloy was created that is still known today as “Bugatti alloy”. It is the first of a long series of technological and formal innovations that will lead to the company making a name for itself in Italy and Europe and then establishing itself on international markets.

1923 F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio is born.

1928 They are the first in Italy to introduce the die-casting machine for manufacturing cutlery and to invent the brass alloy that is identified by the name “Bugatti alloy”.

1938 Eredi F.lli Bugatti is founded, where the second generation of the family comes into its own.

1947 Eredi F.lli Bugatti becomes La San Marco, the new brand also defines the outstanding cutlery model, which is recognised throughout the country.

1960 Breaking into the US market.

1971 San Marco becomes ILCAR (Industria Lumezzanese Creazioni Articoli Regalo).

1993 - 1999 The group La San Marco SPA is set up with three affiliated companies that work alongside ILCAR: Aignep (fittings and components for compressed air), Landa Illuminotecnica (outdoor lamps) and Picchi (machine tools).

1999 The BUGATTI® trademark is introduced to the market.

2005 - TODAY The Diva espresso machine, designed by Andreas Seegatz in 2005, comes as the first small household appliance: it will be followed by numerous products with an original design and a highly innovative character.

2011, SHARING EXPERIENCE Sharing ideas and results (sharing experience) as an innovation driver: the most recent Bugatti research and innovation projects are based on this, including Glasstechhot, the project arising from the need to try out alternative materials and processes, which has led to the creation of a special pyroceram with an applied semiconductor that can reach 450°C.