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Bugatti wears blue: Riviera and Riviera decorated take the Blue Moon

Decorate your table and dive into the deep blue.

The result of an important research and development process is the new finishing for 18/10 stainless steel cutlery that Bugatti presents to the lovers of design and art of the table: Blue Moon is endowed with an extraordinary and of rare-charm finishing.

Posate in acciaio Riviera Blue Moon opache 960.jpg

Like you’ve never seen before.

The color blue of the Blue Moon finishing is unique in the whole world of the art of the table. This exclusive finishing is realized with a special PVD treatment obtained through a process of depositing titanium and precious metals particles on stainless steel that gives a particular color and make the surfaces resistant to scratches and corrosion. It is dishwashersafe in both finishings: mirror polished and sandblasted.

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The special Blue Moon finishing is available for both the Riviera stainless steel cutlery and the Riviera decorated cutlery. You can choose to decorate your table and amaze your guests with original colored and slender cutlery or with a cutlery set characterized by a detailed decoration.

Riviera Dévoré Blue Moon Posate acciaio Bugatti 59.jpg

Let yourself be enthralled by the new light of Blue Moon


Riviera Posate acciaio Bugatti PVD 960 x 960

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