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Table spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Table fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Table knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Dessert spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Dessert and salad fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Dessert knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Coffee and Tea spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Moka spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring)
Soup ladle arianna (old-silverplated ring) Vegetable and meat serving spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Vegetable and meat serving fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Sauce and gravy ladle arianna (old-silverplated ring) Salad serving spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Salad serving fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Three prongs cake fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cake and dessert server arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cake and dessert knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Dessert and fruit small knife arianna (old-silverplated ring)
Rice- Kebab serving spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Soup spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Fish fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Fish knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Rice serving spoon arianna (old-silverplated ring) Spaghetti scoop arianna (old-silverplated ring) Small spreader arianna (old-silverplated ring) Truffel slicer arianna (old-silverplated ring) Ham and slice meat knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cheese 2 points-”deer” knife arianna (old-silverplated ring)
Parmesan and hard cheeses knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cheese knife and spreader (gorgonzola) arianna (old-silverplated ring) Salmon knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Bread knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Roast carving knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Roast carving fork arianna (old-silverplated ring) Steak knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cake and Pie knife arianna (old-silverplated ring) Cheese shovel arianna (old-silverplated ring) Spreader arianna (old-silverplated ring)
Lasagne and Tiramisu shovel arianna (old-silverplated ring)

Arianna (old-silverplated ring)


Pizza and Pie shovel Arianna model, green handle with old-silverplated ring .

  • Designer: Bugatti technical department
  • Measurements: 29 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel 18/10, Acrylic, Old-silverplated ring
  • Code: ARBCS-05461 Ean code: 8020178702195
  • Finish: Silky coloured
  • Maintenance: Hand washing Dishwasher safe up to 50/55°C

    For details click here
  • Technical information: thickness 2,5 mm



Blue Ivory Burgundy

Silky coloured

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